Jul 15, 2009

Use What Other's Made!

In this economy it is difficult to get anyone to listen to your message, even if it is full of health and healing, or just about your shoes. There are a couple of ways to get your message across, even if it costs some money for the listener.
If your message is a free message, you might have a more difficult time than those who are charging. People always want to find out when the other shoe is going to drop and how much it’s going to cost them. Instead, they’ll avoid you because they are fearful of scams. Come on, you do the same thing. If you get an email that says “free,” you are going to be more hesitant than if it had a price tag on it.
At least with a price tag, you know what to expect, right? I know that if I go to most dating sites, it will cost me X amount of dollars, but if it says free, then I’m going to think, “hmm, well, what don’t I get, then?”
Here is the best way to get your message out there:
There are a couple of demographics that like to spend more money than others, or can. There is the tween demographic, and although their money is not from them, generally, they do get a certain amount of disposable income. There is the female demographic, and although they are more picky on where they spend their money, they will listen to viable arguments. Finally, there is the gay population. This has always been the forerunner demographic in disposable income. Make sure that your pitch, spark, or add is geared to them.
Next, there is no such thing as too much facebook, twitter, or myspace. Again, look at the demographics you are trying to reach! Give free samples of your message, if it’s for charge, or post it on these places. If your message in life is “teach humility,” although that is a tough one without sounding egotistical, try tweeting “children make me smile, they are so level in many aspects.” Also, try to network with people that would be possible clients, either financially, or otherwise.
Finally, compromise your message so that it is true but it is in the language of the reader and is sensitive to the time.
I’m filled when talking about health, psychologically, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and otherwise. For now, my topics will be around the economy. This is because its on everybody’s mind. It’s a sensitive subject. Sensitivity shows that you are willing to do something for them, not just in order to gain a buck. The groups and companies that just want to make a buck get criticism and chastised by the populous, because this is a bitter subject. Aim to do something right for the sake of doing what’s right. It will pay off. If one person is happy with you, they’ll get other people to be happy with you. Everyone likes sharing and supporting the good guy, right now.
Strap on your cape, get online, and follow these directions; you’ll be sure to be successful.

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